Effortless French language practice, in your inbox.

So you speak some French. Trop bien !

But how do you keep your language skills from getting rusty?

We will send you short stories and articles, written in French, straight to your inbox every week.

In each edition, we break down the stories so you can learn:

The stories in our newsletter cover a range of interesting topics, so you're guaranteed to learn something new each week!

LanguagePear is the easiest way to consistently improve your French, every week. Practice makes perfect!


Is it free?

Yes - there is a free option which includes everything described above.

There is also a paid option which allows you to support this newsletter. These subscriptions keep us running and we quite literally can't exist without them, so if you can afford it, please consider subscribing. Paid subscribers also get a bonus edition which goes out every two weeks!

When does the newsletter go out?

Every Saturday.

Paid subscribers receive the bonus edition every other Saturday.

What's in it?

Each edition features a ~700 word story or article, written in French, that is designed to improve your language comprehension. Our stories cover a range of topics to broaden your vocabulary and ensure there's always something interesting to read!

We then break down the key vocabulary, grammatical constructs and phrases from the story. To accelerate your learning, we recommend adding what you've learnt to an SRS to make sure it sticks!

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